ARTICHOKE (leaves)

- Improve digestive comfort and digestion
- Support urinary excretion
- Stimulates liver function
- Fights against cellular ageing

ORANGE (powdered bark)

- Rich in vitamin C
- Has properties which help digestion, toning, diuretics…etc.
- Has anti-infection properties
- Strengthens the body's natural defences

KONJAC (root powder)

- Absorbs / helps to eliminate toxins from the body
- Helps to regulate digestion
- Traps calories, fats and refined sugars

GREEN TEA (extracts)

- The best antioxidant variety
- Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
- Has a strong cleansing effect

GUARANA (grain)

- Has anti-tiredness properties
- Helps to burn calories
- Reduces body fat
- Reduces hunger and cravings

MATE (leaf)

- Has anti-tiredness properties
- Contributes to weight management
- Targets the causes of cellulite
- Increases the kidneys' excretory function

CHICORY (root)

- Cleansing for the liver and kidneys
- Very effective in improving digestion
- Allows you to reduce cholesterol levels
- Contains healthy antioxidants

CALCIUM (mineral salt)

- Essential to metabolic function
- Contributes notable to renal and digestive function

Biotin (vitamin H)

- Plays an important role in the metabolism of fatty acids, sugars and amino acids
- Helps to maintain a consistent blood sugar level
- Slows down hair loss

CHROMIUM (trace mineral)

- Helps cells to use glucose, limiting insulin secretion
- Avoids blood sugar surpluses
- Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels


- Essential trace mineral for men, present in all cells
- Contributes to normal metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids


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